Friday, February 5, 2021

The Fire From My Soul

I try to stay away from gasoline

For I am the fire

But sometimes, you just have to pour it on

To burn bright in the ever darkening world 

Doing what it takes to shine 

To glow, to light the darkness

Trying not to sacrifice my very soul 

But light the path for those floundering in the blackness

I set myself on fire for others

I do so because that is how my passions ignite 

To offer myself as light, fearlessly, 

Giving, burning to offer hope 

Often leaving myself in ashes

While the dark, once again, retreats to the caves

Sunday, January 31, 2021

It Yells

It Yells 

It yells and screams 

From deep inside

Trying to work its way out

Through anger and pain

It shines through again

Like the sun on a brilliant fall day

The red glowing leaves

Rustle in the wind

To bid goodbye to the warmth

It is coming…

You can feel it moving

Just beyond the hill, there…

It glares at the earth with malice

It will overtake the valley soon

With a single sweep of its grand arms

We will all be swallowed up 

Defenseless in its grasp

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Your Fears


Forget about your fears

For they will always be

Forget about your worries

Cause only time will see

Take my hand now

Walk with me

Down the unknown path

To whatever may be

As long as you are close

I’ll be secure 

As long as you are near

My love will endure

There is always that time

When you have to decide

Where to go from here

And which path to abide

Within yourself you know

The best path to choose

As long as you are by my side

We will never lose

So hold on tight

To all you know

Our journey is just beginning

So together, we will go

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 In that moment, she realized

It had been HER all along...

Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Bird is Caged


As I sit down tonight

To write this song I sing

I feel like a bird in flight

Who forgot how to use her wings

Swooping along, out of control

Not knowing where to turn

To Hang on 

Or just let go…

What options do I have 

As I follow your lead

Forgetting about the life I crave

To let you do as you please

Patience and understanding 

Is all you ask of me

But if I sit in this cage

What kind of bird would I be?

Can we not learn together

To fly to heights beyond

Any place we could go 

Just being alone?


Monday, December 14, 2020

You Always Had the Power

The chains are heavy
Your hands bound tight
Even your heart feels like a cast iron ball boring into your soul
Your back aches
Your mind screams in pain
Rage gurgles in your throat

For years, maybe your whole life, 
You've been shackled with self doubt, fear and shame
You've been told, or at least, heard, 
You are not enough 

You have allowed the actions and words of others to seep into your being
You've drug these chains, locked tight to your body, 
Until you have embodied the hollowness
You barely see the light on your brightest days

But the light is there

Will you trudge forward
Breaking free of the binds, the heaviness
Can you find strength in your heart and mind
Knowing you are worthy

Look around you
Dig Deep 
For you have always had the key to free yourself
You just had to believe


Thursday, November 19, 2020

An Angel's Prayer

 With tattered wings

And tarnished halo

She sits crossed legged 

Atop of a rocky ledge

She drops her head into her hands

She weeps

Weeps for the heartache

Weeps for the pain

Weeps for the loss

Allowing it to all to flow through her

And down her face

The tears ebbed over the rocks

Down into the ravine

Forming a puddle, 

A pond

Then a lake of tears

How many souls has she tried to comfort

How much agony she has absorbed

Hearts she sought to comfort

She has lost count

The world is overwhelmed with hopelessness, anger and pain

Her tribe of angels are exhausted, battered and bruised

Fighting the resistance of hope, peace and love

She longs for those days

She will feel clean, refreshed, healed and energized

Leaving the sadness, anguish, sorrow and scars behind

As she held the last soul gently, lovingly in her tired arms

She felt a chill from their very being

She noticed her feathers falling to the earth

As her heart sank broken, shattered

Her body quaked 

Tighter, she held this soul

Hoping to squeeze the pieces back together

But the resistance prevailed

Tears cascading from her eyes now~

Growing the lake at the bottom of the ravine

Her mind racing to unearth any remaining hope

Left in this world

It has to be here

Somewhere in the souls of those who remain

Her last tear fell, as human pain was released from her grip

She wiped her face with her threadbare gown

Looking bleary at the horizon, once again

Then down at her earthen feet

Her head dropped in prayer 

Her knees fell to the rocks 

Her pleas echoed in the darkness

She clinched her hands tighter

She spoke the words of love and hope from her crippled heart

She willed hope, peace, love, joy and tenderness

To engulf this weary world

She squeezed her eyes so tight that, even they resisted 

But released one last tear to fall 

Her hands clasped her chest 

Her knees cringed from the shards of broken dreams that littered her perch

Shivering and fearful of the overwhelming darkness

She slowly opened her eyes

Then, there it was 

That tiny shimmer emerging from the peak of a distant mountain

She blinked furiously 

She sensed a shift

She felt the resonation from the other angels’ prayers

Hope, Light, Unity, Peace 

Was tiny and still very fragile

But it was there

She heard the chatters as the angels began to gather

The sounds of cherished resilient spirits

The darkness will begin to lift

The hearts will be begin to open to hope, change and love

Her heart pounded with elation

Suddenly, she noticed her wings began to bloom and straighten

Her gown rinsed clean

Her feet no longer muddy

Her hands no longer bruised 

Although the chill still engulfed her 

She could begin to feel the warmth

The sun emerging through the clouds, storms and darkness

Her prayers and those of her Angel Tribe

Have been heard, held and answered

The Human Spirit will once again begin to shine.